Thoughts on Time

After listening to Radio Lab’s podcasts surrounding the notion of time, my immediate response was a flood of questions: How could two people seemingly living in the same environment have two completely different perception of time? Is every animal living in its own dimension of time? Is time perceived uniquely by every observer? After the flood of questions and a deep feeling of existentialism I began to ponder the impact of the individual’s perception of time. A student who must adhere to specific times throughout the day might feel they are a slave to their clock, their internal perception of time constantly disrupted by changing numbers. This is a bleak modern contrast to the Kalooly clock of birds mentioned in Radio Lab, in which activities are signaled by different bird calls throughout the day. The perspective of someone living by the numbers is drastically different compared to someone living by the bird chimes, and the key difference is the constant reminder of time; the stress surrounding time. Of course this is obvious, yet we find it almost impossible to hop off the merry-go-round of the clock hand once we’ve hopped on.

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