Project: Stop-Motion Animation Ideas

I’ll be coming up with three ideas for my stop motion animation project; a minute long video with 30 fps for a resulting 1800 frames. The main subject matter that I chosen for my video is playdough (I have very little funds), though each idea will be toying with different concepts and elements.

Idea #1

The first idea involves a simple narrative with a dark morphing blob (dmb) avoiding a direct spotlight, with the light chasing the blob around the set. The dmb will be made of playdough, the light a flashlight, and the set a cardboard box. The narrative focuses on the blob initially avoiding, then eventually accepting the presence of light. The action will mostly be centered on the blob pinging and bouncing around the cardboard box to avoid the direct light. To aid in th e movement of these things I would be molding the playdough, using wire to support certain poses, and looping/repeating frames to create repeated motions (less frames to shoot). I want the movements to portray the contrast between peace/chaos, slow and rhythmic in some and sporadic in others.

Idea #2

This idea focuses on the narrative between two moving blobs of playdough, each blob represented by a different color. One blob would be circling around solo until the other enters the frame, where they would then swirl around each other in rhythmic “dance” until the one color assimilated the other in a slow progression, making one color. This would be set in a cardboard box, aiding some of the playdough movement with wire. I want the motion to appear rhythmic and dance-like, using repeating frames and looping movements to supplement for time.

Idea #3

The last idea involves a plastic model skull getting covered in patches of moving playdough and playing around with compositions. The skull would sit in its set (the cardboard box of course) and I would position the playdough to move around the skull and appear to go through the nose and eye sockets, playing with colors, movement, and camera angles. This stop motion would be much more abstract and needs an element of random intuition, though I want the overall mood to be portrayed through a gradual progression as the motion start slow and gets faster.

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