After completing my first stop motion video and stepping back a bit, I’ve seen how much this project has evolved. I originally had no concept or mood in mind when thinking about the imagery I wanted represent, yet this quickly changed when editing. I did not produce this video to invoke aesthetic pleasantries, but to elicit an instinctive, emotional response from the viewer.

I would have to consider this to be the best still frame from Reminiscent. It is only at the end of the video where two opposing forms meld into the same form, drawing the focus of movement towards the center. Apparent contrast between the two colors works with the textured background to emphasize this focus further. The forms almost seem to invade the viewer’s space and interact with each other; the forms imitate sentient life, though far removed from the viewer’s physical dimension. The objectivity of the space is further emphasized by the perspective beyond the holes, implying that forms exist within this space and are emerging out of it. After a whole video of forms invading the viewer’s space, this is the climatic moment where two forms invade each other’s space and then immediately disappear out of frame.

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