Project: Event and Narrative Ideas

For my next project I will be producing two videos; one video documenting an event and one video portraying a narrative. Below I’ve listed two ideas for each.

My first event idea focuses on a window. The window itself will be the plane on which this video takes place. The view will focus on a window as hands appear from outside, smearing paint around to slowly obscure the view of the window. More hands and limbs will press against the glass as the video progresses, starting slow then moving into chaotic. Conceptual boundary.

My second event idea is a continuous shot of food being eaten. A person will be shown sitting in a chair reading, enjoying this food. Each time a bite is taken and the food is set down, a new person appears in the same spot. The video will focus only on the single item of food as it is eaten, the setting changing drastically around it.

My first narrative idea consists of a piece of fruit sitting on a table. At first nothing will happen, then a group of people will approach the table. The people will “abuse” the fruit; escalating from taunting to verbal abuse, from poking it to absolute destruction. The voices and actions of the group will be robotic, void of emotion. Concept on society.

My second narrative idea centers on someone laying on the ground with pieces of paper strewn everywhere. The person will begin to say self-doubting words as they rip their “chest” open, smearing “blood” everywhere on themselves. Still speaking, the person will then smear hateful words onto the paper with “blood”. Concept on identity.

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