Project: Concepts

Event Video

For my event piece I will be focusing on the window as a kinetic image. The window itself will be the plane on which this video takes place. I want the frame to focus on a window as hands appear from outside, invading the visual surface of the window. I intend for the limbs moving on the window to close the space between it and the viewer, pushing the flat surface out to the viewer. I am attempting to capture imagery that intrudes a thought deep into the psyche, forcing the viewer to attempt to understand something that cannot be understood. Something that invades our view yet isn’t threatening: Something that makes us squeamish yet keeps its distance. The conceptual basis for this idea revolves around my own fear of seeing dark figures outside my window; though for this video I am going to become the irrational figure. However, rather than threatening I intend for the figure to invoke curiosity, seeking to be understood or rationalized. There is no rational explanation for me to represent this idea in this manner, I only had a deep, instinctive urge to do this; much like a chimpanzee wanting to throw its own shit at a tree.

Narrative Video

My narrative piece involves me laying on the ground with pieces of paper strewn everywhere, performing a narrative of self introspection. The frame will mostly be angled down towards my lying body, capturing a moment of physical introspection and vulnerability. The reigning concept of this video is identity: a narration of exposing an individual’s bare emotions and thoughts, physically expelling them from the mind in the process. As I “expose” myself through the action of stabbing my chest, I exhaust all of my negative emotions. The action of the video is intended to be violent and illicit a shocked response, not intending to represent anything ideal or beautiful. My idea to do this was conceived by society’s need to masquerade happiness, especially in the era we live in. Rather than fake happiness, we must accept the sadness within ourselves and others. The act of stabbing myself and performing this sort of ritual is meant to normalize unhappiness. In doing this I am confronting the notion that nobody is happy all the time, that we only hurt ourselves by suppressing these emotions.

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