Final Project Ideas


Consciousness; the ability to think subjectively before acting, total autonomy. Pulling my shirt down after someone looks at my midriff, choosing to drink soy milk over cow milk, turning the other cheek after being hit, eating while staring at another person, waking up from sleep.

Camera angles: Two milk cartons in frame, hand reaches in and leads to mouth drinking soy milk. Mid shot of two people, one is slapped and turns the other cheek. Close up of food to mouth, leads up to eyes and jumps to mid shot of a person staring. Mid shot of someone opening their eyes and rising out of bed. Full shot person standing over a grave. Close up staring at skull, staring at the camera.

Contrasting camera angles: Wide angle walking through a crowd of men. ignoring their stares. Mid shot of someone choosing the only loaf of bread on the shelf. Mid shot two people slap each other back and forth. Mid shot of someone eating a lot of food and ignoring stares. Close up of someone falling asleep. Full shot someone shouts “SLUT” and then gets slapped. Close up a foot steps on something painful and winces back.

Short pitch: Consciousness is something that people use to hold themselves above the likes of animals, but what is it really? Humanity can regard its own autonomy or it can submit to instinct.


Rebirth; an end that is followed by something new, the derivative act of changing something. Changing out of feminine clothes into masculine clothes, cutting my hair, going manic and then going still, eating food and shitting.

Camera angles: Full shot of someone changing clothes. Close up of someone cutting their own hair. Wide angle of someone spinning around, then falling to the floor. Close up of eating food, full shot of bathroom stall.

Contrasting camera angles: Full shot of changing into the same clothes. Close up of someone taking their hair out of a ponytail. Wide shot of someone laying on the ground. Wide shot of someone vomiting into a toilet.

Short pitch: Things change and transform, but what constitutes as rebirth? How can we achieve rebirth? Permanently changing something may cause the start of something definitively new, and I want to emulate how this happens.


Finality; an absolute ending, the permanence of a specific perspective. Closing a door and walking away, watching the end of a movie.

Camera angles: Wide shot closing a door and walking away. Close up of watching a movie from behind head, turns to look at camera. Mid shot of someone finishing a puzzle.

Contrasting camera angles: Close up of someone starting to write a word and not finishing it. Mis shot of someone cutting vegetables and stopping halfway. Full shot of pouring juice on the floor and walking away.

Short pitch: Finality and the permeance of our own existence are embedded into our minds. How far can of our sense of finality stretch? What is finality from the individual perspective? I want to explore these concepts using visual representation from a personal observation of the mundane.

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