Musique Concrete

Pierre Schaeffer is credited with being the first to conceptualize musique concrete, publishing the first musique concrete work, Étude aux chemins de fer, in 1948. Musique concrete is characterized by the careful composition of raw recorded sounds into an aesthetic work. Schaeffer, wanting to break away from the traditions of music, conceptualizes recorded sound asContinue reading “Musique Concrete”

Appreciating Early Video Art

One type of early video art I want to look back on is video feedback, specifically Skip Sweeney’s Illuminatin’ Sweeney (1973). This type of imagery is created by pointing a camera at the screen to which it’s connected to, producing a loop of organic pattern. This method seems simple enough, yet the pulsating visual effectsContinue reading “Appreciating Early Video Art”


After completing my first stop motion video and stepping back a bit, I’ve seen how much this project has evolved. I originally had no concept or mood in mind when thinking about the imagery I wanted represent, yet this quickly changed when editing. I did not produce this video to invoke aesthetic pleasantries, but toContinue reading “Stop-Motion: REMINISCENT”

Content and Meaning: Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953)

After reading “Content and Meaning in Abstract Art” by Pamela T. Turner, I have a lot of ideas spinning in my head. While this article focuses on abstract animation as an evolving art-form, I particularly resonated with using animation as a form of self-representation and visual rhythm. Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953), mentioned in Turner’s article,Continue reading “Content and Meaning: Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953)”

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