Content and Meaning: Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953)

After reading “Content and Meaning in Abstract Art” by Pamela T. Turner, I have a lot of ideas spinning in my head. While this article focuses on abstract animation as an evolving art-form, I particularly resonated with using animation as a form of self-representation and visual rhythm. Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953), mentioned in Turner’s article,Continue reading “Content and Meaning: Jordan Belson’s Mandala (1953)”

Time Map

On August 24, 2019 from 00:00 to 23:00 I conducted my project focusing on color, narrative, and of course time. At every hour I would associate a color with whatever I was experiencing in that moment, noting the changes in my mood and environment throughout the day. I would not describe myself as synesthetic, soContinue reading “Time Map”

Thoughts on Time

After listening to Radio Lab’s podcasts surrounding the notion of time, my immediate response was a flood of questions: How could two people seemingly living in the same environment have two completely different perception of time? Is every animal living in its own dimension of time? Is time perceived uniquely by every observer? After theContinue reading “Thoughts on Time”

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